Peptidyal 2

Peptidyal 2 is the result of an innovative scientific study aimed at the development of a Bio regenerating product able to actively support the physiological functional restoration of the skin, and in particular of the extra cellular matrix. Peptidyal 2 is able to stimulate fibroblasts, thanks to the use of amino acids and precursors to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and slow their catabolic metabolism with scavenger action on oxidative stress in particular on reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS). lt also reactivates the biological processes repairing and regenerating tissue. Functional for the hydration and regeneration of skin dehydrated and damaged by aging and sunlight exposure, Peptidyal 2 is indicated for skin rejuvenation, in the treatment of stretch marks and as an adjuvant of intradermal fillers.
lt is inserted in the protocol of aesthetic repairing and regenerative medicine. Non-animal derivation Hyaluronic acid is obtained through an innovative production process in which is ensured an exstraordinarily unique purity due to the non-use ot chemical solvents normally used for the extraction of the hyaluronic acid ot synthesis; Moreover Peptidyal 2 can boast among the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid HA in the medicai aesthetic panorama (for each 2.5 ml syringe from 45 to 50 mg hyaluronic acid).