Rigenerating hair solution


GENHAIR is one of the most complete synergistic solutions to restore strength and vitality to hair.
D-panthenol helps to improve the use of energy contained in food, improves cell renewal, helps create ntibodies, accelerates wound healing and gives hair vitality and strength.
Pyridoxine has the role of synthesizing carbohydrates, proteins, fats, as well as inducing the formation of red blood cells and hormones; intervening in the synthesis of proteins and being in the amino acids it participates in the production of antibodies.
Vitamin B1 is vital in sugar metabolism and plays an important role in the onduction of nerve impulses and oxygen metabolism.
Vitamin H acts as a revitalizer and tonic, improving skin appearance and tone.
Riboflavin plays a primary role in the production of energy at the cellular level and in cardiovascular protection, acting with restructuring properties on the hair, giving shine to damaged hair.
Thymosin beta 4 is a growth factor obtained by biotechnology composed of complex proteins with a structure bioidentical to that of endogenous proteins that promote physiological processes of cell growth, proliferation and apoptosis. Thymosin helps the follicle to produce healthier and stronger hair, with an energizing effect that improves circulation and promotes hair growth, as well as increasing follicle stem cells. Wasabi japonica is a particular extract from wasabi leaves that contains the flavonoid isosaponarine as an active ingredient, which has multiple activities that can be used both for hair and hair growth and for its ability to inhibit lipase, elastase and hyaluronidase. The keratin contained in genhair has instead a function of hair fibers protection and repair, forming a sort of hygroscopic film around the hair or skin and reducing water loss. Iron gluconate is commonly used to increase the supply of iron to the hair, as it is an essential component, in addition to the fact that the lower the iron, the more hemoglobin is reduced, resulting in less tissues oxygenation
and weakening of the hair until it falls out.


Indicated as a repairer and capillary regulator.


Each box contains 10 bottles of 5 ml