Pro Peel Universal Kit

Pro Peel Universal Kit

This lotion is ideal for preparing the skin to be treated with any type of peeling. Its formulation born from the combination of three of the most functional acids, glycolic, mandelic and azelaic, with keratolytic and antibacterial activities, allows a gentle exfoliation, removing the dry and exhausted skin, and bringing forward the new cells. The synergy of the three acids thus promotes the natural cell turnover, then a renewed horny layer leaving skin fresh, soft and smooth, especially giving it a healthy look.


  • Glycolic acid: keratolytic activity, support the elastin and collagen production
  • Mandelic acid: one of the best skin nutrients, antibacterial properties, accelerates the
    natural cell turnover, regenerates elastin and collagen
  • Azelaic acid: antibacterial, keratolytic, comedolytic, a good antioxidant and excellent depigmentation

The use of Universal neutralizer gel, formulated with sodium bicarbonate, goes to buffer the negative charges formed after peeling, by blocking the action of the acid. Then allows you to restore the normal pH values and to mitigate the irritation caused by the exfoliation.

Apply the product after the appea- rance of erythema, leave for a few minutes and dab with a damp cloth, without rubbing


Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Bicarbo- nate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Carbomer, ImidazolidinylureaTetrasodium EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothia- zolinone, magnesium cloride, magnesium nitrate.

The function of the universal post peel cream is to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin exposed to the exfoliation treatment, that looks so dehydrated, glossy and prone to flaking. For this reason it is necessary to use the functional ingredients that can restore the hydrolipidic film that acts as skin protective barrier, accelerating cell regenerative capacity, nourishing and hydrating the skin in deep. The product also contains a sunscreen, essential for proper restoration of normal physiological conditions without exposing the skin to the potential damage caused by ultraviolet rays.


Mosqueta rose oil: vegetable oil with strongly healing, regenerating and antioxidant properties.
Jojoba oil: vegetable oil with nourishing, emollient and sebosimile action. Useful in the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin.

Shea butter: has emollient, healing, anti-inflammatory, firming, moisturizing and skin restoring properties, also filtering and protection abilities against sun damage.

18 beta-glycyrrhetinic acid: functional substance with high anti-inflammatory, anti-reddening and soothing power.
Alfabisabolol: effective as a soothing, inhibitory and calming redness, also express depigmenting action. • Sodium hyaluronate sol. 0.8%: in the amorphous matrix of a connective tissue maintains the degree of hydration, firmness, plasticity and viscosity; also able to act as cementing substance and anti-shock molecule as well as an efficient lubricant.

Vitamin E: has a very high antioxidant, helps to maintain elasticity and skin hydration by reinforcing its hydrolipidic film; reduces erythema and edema induced by the sun.

Vitamin A: protects the skin, skin appendages and mucous membranes, promoting the proper development and cell differentiation.
Aloe EG: has soothing, healing, toning, anti-inflammatory, emollient, refreshing, hydrating, protective tissue and regenerating properties; also exerts anti-inflammatory action.

Marine collagen: has forming, moisturizing and protective properties; ensure a significant increase of hydration, elasticity and skin volume.
Octyl methoxycinnamate: sunscreen