The anti-aging treatments involving the use of cosmetic products, whose action is against the natural processes that determine and make visible the time signs. The purpose of the creams is typically to act on the skin making young appe- arance and soft to the touch. From what has been formulated Idraerazen, which the ingredients contribute synergisti- cally by acting on several fronts, to hydrate and renew the skin. The skin hydration and cell turnover are favored by the presence of the skin hydration factor, which completes that one naturally present, hyaluronate sodium, together with aloe, marine collagen, the snail drool, emollient and nutritive ingredients, that go into the underlying dermis to stimulate and support the collagen and elastin production, responsible for skin elasticity and volume. The formula has been enriched with vitamins E and A, resveratrol and currants extracts, excellent antioxidants; studies on these substances have shown that their activities against oxidative stress caused by free radicals is greatly increased when they work in synergy. This formulation makes Idraerazen as a perfect ally to fight skin aging and to protect themselves from chemi- cal-physical external aggressors, making your face healthy and revitalized.


Currant Extract: The currant berries are known for their high antioxidant power, rich in vitamin C, in a more stable form than in citrus fruit. It has important radical scavenging abilities, conferred by flavonoids, anthocyanins and antioxidant vitamins, which help to prevent the attack of harmful molecules in our cell membranes, preserving them from "premature aging". These act as real "scavengers" of free radicals that circulate in the body by lowering their concentration

Snail drool is a mucopolysaccharide that contains allantoin, collagen, essential constituent of the skin, which acts as moisturizing and softening, in virtue of its elasticity, making the skin toned and supple; it also contains glycolic acid, lactic acid, anti-protease, vitamins, minerals, glycine, hydroxyproline, proline and glutamic acid, that promote the skin peripheral vasculature and oxygenation.

NMF acef: natural moisturizing factor, is a mixture of various watersoluble and strongly hygroscopic substances.
Resveratrol: is an effective antioxidant with dual mechanism action, because acts both as a chelating and radical scavenger. Studies in different model systems have shown that resveratrol properties are superior than vitamins C, E and betacarotene. The important synergy between an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action justifies the use of resveratrol as an innovative compound in skin protective and antiaging formulation cosmetics; that improves microcirculation to nourishes better the skin. Topical application revitalizes the tissues, preventing damage to skin stress, restimulating tissues to produce elastin and collagen.

Idraerazen contains also: Marine collagen - Hyaluronic acid - Vitamin A -Vitamin E Aloe EG

Method of use:

Apply on the face twice a day, morning and night, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Also good as a makeup base, leaves no traces of grease on the skin.