Anti Cellulite Body Cream

A cosmetic innovative formulation, which treats in a specific way the cellulite beauty flaws, caused by water retention and poor peripheral circulation, and on these aspects is focused the action of the cream. Young birch, rosemary and sage leaves extracts support the system of liquids; flavonoids that rich in vitamins, play an important strengthening capillary walls activity, by preventing their breakage. The synergy of ingredients such as the phospatidylcholine, carnitine and caffeine instead reduces the volume of the adipose cells: they induce a enzymatic stimulation that separate fats in the body, increase cell metabolism and reduce the accumulation and hypertrophy adipocytes; favor the microcirculation activation and the excess fluids elimination, dissolving fat deposits and draining the water retention. The constant use of Pefsout allows the remodeling of the affected areas and a toned and supple skin.


  • E.G Birch: ideal astringent and antiseptic thanks to the high content of tannins and flavonoids. These substances decrease capillary permeability, maintain blood-vessels and reduce the occurrence of inflammation and irritation.
  • Rosemary EG: is used as a cicatrizing, stimulating peripheral and vasodilator in preparations for massage, reactivates blood flow, therefore it is particularly indicated to defeat cellulite. EG Sage: is the Salvia extracts that has important antiseptic activities, as well as purifying, sebum normalizing, stimulating and sub-epidermal microcirculation toning properties
  • Carnitine: is used for slimming and firming, as its vaso-protective, anti-edematous , and lipolytic accelerator properties.
  • Caffeine: is used for the cellulite and localized fat treatment, thanks to its lipolytic properties while also notable its ability to stimulate drainage and removal of stagnant fluids (anti-edematous function).
  • Phosphatidylcholine: is able to solubilize fats, reducing the fat cells volume.

Method of use:

Apply once or  twice a day and massage until completely absorbed. Regular use of the product improves aspects of orange peel skin.