Truly effective on cellulite and fat


The ingredients of Fibrojenyx cell were chosen so as to remove localized fat, stimulate drainage and the circle of stagnant fluids, prevent and repair the alterations caused by oxidative stress, support the production of collagen by favoring hydration and elasticity.

Caffeine has lipolytic properties but is notable also its ability to stimulate drainage and removal of stagnant fluids (anti-oedematous function), while Deoxycholic acid: It has a lipolytic action and is also cleansing on the lipids of adipocytes membrane, causing the rupture with release of triglycerides in the interstitial space.

Water-soluble vitamin E is characterized by a very high antioxidant power; it helps the maintenance of skin elasticity and its hydration by strengthening the hydrolipidic film, allows to reduce the erythema and edema induced by the sun; also has an important protective vessel function. Carnitine is a short-chain non promic amino acid, a zwitterion, able to convey the fats inside the cell compartment, where they are demolished to produce energy (shuttle action); also its vasoprotective and anti-oxidant properties are remarkable.


edematous and fibrous cellulitis, liporiducer in all cases of allergy sufferers to phosphatidylcholine.

Each box contains 6 bottles of 20 ml