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Lipojenyx is the formula universally recognized as the best “lipolytic synergy”.
Phosphatidylcoline is a molecule belonging to fospolipids derived from soya lecithin. Applied locally it has the virtue of dissolving the localized solid fat by attacking the adiposities thanks also to the combination with the Deoxycholic acid which is a solubilizing agent. Their action determines the breakdown of the adipocytes with subsequent saponification of the fat and  onsequent elimination. The water-soluble Vitamin E is characterized by a very high antioxidant power; it helps the maintenance of skin elasticity and its hydration by strengthening the hydrolipidic film, allows to reduce the erythema and edema induced by the sun; it also has an important vasoprotective function.


Cellulite, fat reducer, abdominal fat, culotte de Cheval, double chin, double chin.


Water, phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholic acid, benzyl alcohol, sodium chloride, Vitamin E.


Boxes of 20 ampoules of 5 ml