Pepty fill are formulated to fill the wrinkles of the skin and give compactness to the face, fill facial lines and smooth the skin, helping to mask the signs of age. This hyaluronic acid-based cream has the function to regenerate the skin cells and rehydrate it, through interaction with retinoic acid which allows to increase collagen synthesis. Similar to that present in the dermis, marine collagen helps to donate skin volume and elasticity, holding back water lost and accordingly moistening the corneocytes; together with vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant, and green tea extract that is rich in polyphenols; reinforce the hydro-lipid film and reduces alterations of membrane structure. This formulation is enriched by shea butter, an excellent emollient and collaxyl IS, a promoter of wound healing by stimulating the extracellular matrix proteins synthesis.

Pepty fill is suitable for all skin types, especially for delicate, helpless and exhausted skin by time, it will restore the face a new freshness and brightness.


Shea Butter: offers emollient, healing, anti-inflammatory, firming, moisturizing and skin restoring properties; thanks to the presence of kariténe, vitamin A and triterpene alcohols, which absorb part of UV rays, filtering, protect against damage caused by the sun.

Hyaluronic acid: is extremely water soluble, and has the ability to retain a quantity of water up to a thousand times its weight; the different molecular weights involved to a different epidermal level ensures a large supply of water, thereby reducing the evaporation phenomenon and favoring the physiological production of collagen. Hyaluronic acid has moisturizing, nourishing, softening, soothing, anti-aging and filling properties, also facilitates the repair and healing of tissues.

Marine collagen is a molecule with characteristics similar to the collagen present in the dermal cells, rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, aminoacids and glycoproteins, including hydroxyproline, which give it film-forming, moisturizing and protective properties. 

Glycolic extract of green tea: mainly consist of polyphenols, which give strong antioxidant and anti free radicals properties, and theophylline, which activates the basal metabolic by promoting lipolysis and the drainage of excess fluids, facilitating the elimination of fatty deposits and remodeling of the silhouette, and by tannins that give purifying and astringent properties.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A or retinol has skin-protecting and regenerating properties It is a powerful antioxidant and reduces premature aging of tissues.
Vitamin E or tocopherol has a very high antioxidant power, help to maintain skin elasticity and hydration by reinforcing its hydrolipidic film, reduces erythema and edema induced by the sun.

Collaxyl IS: is a compound containing the peptide called hexapeptide-9 that has exceptional regenerating properties on the damaged cells. Its amino acid composition is comparable to that of human collagen XVII, present in the dermal-epidermal junction. It has been clinically demonstrated that this molecule is able to promote strongly the healing of wounds, reducing the formation of scars, through the stimulation of the new extracellular matrix proteins synthesis.

Method of use: 

Apply on the face twice a day, morning and night, massaging gently until completely absorbed. Also good as a makeup base, leaves no traces of grease on the skin