Category: Kosmethod Range

The line-team expert Kosmethod comes from the Italian/Swiss chemical and professionals working in the cosmetics industry, with the aim of creating more and more advanced solutions in time. Kosmethod is a complex of synergistic solutions among the most advanced in the world of cosmetics, which, through technologically advanced formula, combining chemical ingredients at high concentrations, thus achieving immediate results in complete safety.


Enhance skin elasticity Idemyal IDEMYAL is an anti-aging product combining many dermal-regenerating factors and powerful antioxidants to help regenerate the skin and improve its appearance. Its formula contains hydrolysed glycosaminoglycans…
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Redefine your body Lipojenyx Lipojenyx is the universally recognized formula as the “Top Lipolytic Synergy”. The fosfatidicoline, a molecule belonging to fospolipids derived from soy lecithin. Applied locally has the…
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Truly effective on cellulite and fat Fibrojenyx The ingredients of Fibrojenyx cell were chosen so as to remove localized fat, stimulate drainage and the circle of stagnant fluids, prevent and…
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Rigenerating hair solution Genhair Genhair is one of the most complete synergistic solutions to restore strength and vitality to the hair. D-panthenol helps to improve the use of the energy…
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Style Eyes

Improve eyes contour look Style Eyes STYLE EYES is a highly innovative cosmetic product, because it contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and also includes very important components such…
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