EASYAL is an injectable product consisting of a buffer solution of hyaluronic acid sodium salt with remarkable viscoelastic properties, highly purified, with a molecular weight between 1,000 and 1,500 KDalton.

It exists in two versions: 40 mg/ 2 ml (2%) and 80 mg/ 4 ml (2%). Sodium hyaluronate represents an essential component of synovial fluid to which it gives its particular viscoelastic properties. The sodium hyaluronate of EASYAL is achieved through fermentation without any chemical treatments. Is in the form of disposable pre-filled glass syringes with a sterile apyrogenic solution. In rheumatic and degenerative diseases of the joints there is a decrease of the amount of hyaluronic acid with a consequent reduction of the viscosity of the synovial fluid. This results in the deterioration of the function of the joints and pain.

The intra-articular administration of hyaluronic acid is able to restore the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid, with a significant improvement of joint mobility and the consequent attenuation of the pain and inflammatory response.


The protocol of EASYAL2 40mg/2ml provides for a cycle of 3 weekly injections to determine the attenuation of pain and swelling and regain joint function.



The protocol of EASYAL4 80mg/4ml provides for a single injection to determine the atte- nuation of pain and swelling and regain joint function. EASYAL features excellent tolera- bility and acts only at the level of the joint into which it is injected without exercising any systemic action.