Can I reuse the Dermica Pen Needles’ head ?

No, the heads are for SINGLE USE ONLY. The reasons are many. The sterilization can never be perfect and that would entail unnecessary risks. The needles lose their special sharpness once used and a second use would result in a greater and unnecessary skin damage and consequently a slower recovery.


Moreover, the price of the heads makes unnecessary any reuse approach Can I mix different treatment ampoules in one session ?

Yes, it is perfectly possible and even advisable in certain therapies. For example, you can use an ampoule of Liftingzon mixed with Revitalzon or Ha-Repair. This latter can be used as a support highly regenerative and moisturizing in all therapies with Dermica Solutions.


Are Dermica Pen therapies recommended in the treatment of scars and stretch marks ?

They are not only desirable but also highly effective. Dermica Pen stimulates tissue regeneration, increases the production of collagen and elastin and helps to eliminate the upper layers of the skin,enabling the development of cleaner and noticeably improved skin.