Aerazen Lab S.r.l. founded by an experienced Italian team of professionals that is committed for years with passion and dedication to scientific research and the production of medical devices and cosmetic products in addition to being at the forefront in the field of aesthetic medicine and orthopedic sector, particularly in the intra-articular, using technologically highly advanced formulas, thus achieving immediate results in total safety.


Doublyx evo

Doublyx evo is a biostimulant based on hyaluronic acid of medium molecular weight, produced by bacteria Streptococcus equi, formulated at a concentration of 20 mg/ml in a physiological buffer, sterile,…
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Peptidyal and Peptidyal 2 are the result of an innovative  scientific  study aimed at the development of a Bio-restructuring product able to actively support the physiological functional recovery of the…
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Peptidyal 115

Peptidyal 115 Peptidyal 115 is a sterile cosmetic product useful for hydration and the biorestructuring of skin that is dehydrated and damaged by ageing and exposure to sunlight. It is…
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Peptidyal HX

A NEW CONCEPT OF BIOSTIMULATION AND BIOREVITALIZATION Peptidyal HX® can boast the currently available highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (18mg/ml), combined with aminoacids. The ingredients that make up this innovative injectable…
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KOSMETHOD LINE (Meso-Cocktails)


Tryly effective on cellulite and fat Fibrojenyx The ingredients of Fibrojenyx cell were chosen so as to remove localized fat, stimulate drainage and the circle of stagnant fluids, prevent and…
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Rigenerating hair solution Genhair Genhair is one of the most complete synergistic solutions to restore strength and vitality to the hair. D-panthenol helps to improve the use of the energy…
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Enhance skin elasticity Idemyal IDEMYAL is an anti-aging product combining many dermal-regenerating factors and powerful antioxidants to help regenerate the skin and improve its appearance. Its formula contains hydrolysed glycosaminoglycans…
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Redefine your body Lipojenyx Lipojenyx is the universally recognized formula as the “Top Lipolytic Synergy”. The fosfatidicoline, a molecule belonging to fospolipids derived from soy lecithin. Applied locally has the…
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Lyfton SDM

Tonic and rigenerating solution Lyfton SDM Lyfton SDM is the perfect blend of organic silicon and DMAE to restore tone and revitali- ze deeply the whole face. DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol or…
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MixYal Density

Revitalizing and regenerative treatment MixYal Density Mixyal Density is the last superlative formulation of the KOSMETHOD line. This advanced product includes in its components a hyaluronic acid that besides being…
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Style Eyes

Improve eyes contour look Style Eyes STYLE EYES is a highly innovative cosmetic product, because it contains a high concentration of hyaluro- nic acid and also includes very important components…
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Clear poly peel

Clear Poly Peel The CLEAR POLY PEEL Polyvalent Peeling is formulated to create a synergy between the mixed acids that creating interconnection one to another property in a network of multi-functional work. The exfoliating…
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Kemikum The formula of this new chemical peel is absolutely unique and innovative. It can be considered as a medical device that exfoliates and bio-revitalizes performing a lifting effect at…
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Pro Peel Universal Kit

Pro Peel Universal Kit This lotion is ideal for preparing the skin to be treated with any type of peeling. Its formulation born from the combination of three of the…
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EASYAL EASYAL is an injectable product consisting of a buffer solution of hyaluronic acid sodium salt with remarkable viscoelastic properties, highly purified, with a molecular weight between 1,000 and 1,500…
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Dmae Polymask C

DMAE POLYMASK C Lifting Mask with Vitamin C and DMAE DMAE polymask C is suitable for all skin type, a peel off mask made from polyvinyl alcohol that allows a…
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IDRAZEN The anti-aging treatments involving the use of cosmetic products, whose action is against the natural processes that determine and make visible the time signs. The purpose of the creams…
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Pefsout Anti Cellulite Body CreamA cosmetic innovative formulation, which treats in a specific way the cellulite beauty flaws, caused by water retention and poor peripheral circulation, and on these aspects…
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Peptyfill Pepty fill are formulated to fill the wrinkles of the skin and give compactness to the face, fill facial lines and smooth the skin, helping to mask the signs…
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Pro acne AHA

Pro Acne AHA The Pro acne AHA cream has been studied to reduce all the symptoms generated by acne lesions (itching, redness, blackheads, papules, pustules etc..), but above all to…
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SPF 50 Anti Age

SPF 50 Anti Age Sun protection cream By a peeling treatment of any intensity, the surface layer of the skin comes out assaulted, irritated and definitely weakened . It must…
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Spots Lightening cream

Spots Lightening Cream Daily treatment suitable for all skin types, visibly reduces the appearance and size of spots caused by sun, age and imperfections. The skin will appear smoother and…
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Whintim cream Whintim cream was specially formulated to lighten the intimate parts of the body that have a naturally darker pigmentation. This is due to a greater melanin accumulation that…
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Anti⋅Yal 1500

ANTI⋅YAL 1500 Anti⋅Yal® contains hyaluronidase with posology: 1500 IU dry extract powder / vials to be mixed with 10mL saline solution. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that catalyze the hydrolysis of…
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